What is Family – Happy Mother’s Day!

The word "Family" has no bounds! (Photos by Dragon Studio)
The word “Family” has no bounds! (Photo by Dragon Studio)

I sit tonight…the night before Mother’s Day…… at home with a sick child, a husband LIVE streaming Chase Rice at the Waterside District, and a mom battling cancer in California.  And what I wish more than anything is that I could be with my husband, I could be with my mother, I could be with all the people that I have met throughout my life, all while being by my little one’s side.  Because what is family?  On the day before Mother’s Day, what is family?

Is it a biological connection?  Is it a friend that shows up to hold you when your world seems to be crumbling?  Is it a child who looks up at you as you go out to LIVE stream an event (longing for you to come home)?

For me, family is all of the above.  It is the late nights working with my husband on our company.  It is my mother who calls me just to say I love you.  It is my children who hold me with their little hands and love me no matter what.  And it is all the friends and connections that reach out to say hi, to smile, to connect, to just be them.

On this day before Mother’s Day, I wish I could be with everyone.  I wish I could hold the world and truly tell everyone how honored and blessed I am to know each person I meet.  I wish I could connect the world.

Connecting people around the world! (Photos by Dragon Studio)
Connecting people around the world! (Photo by Dragon Studio)

But that is why we created ViewItDoIt.  We wanted to connect the world.  To feel like you could still be with the people you love even if you were miles apart.  So tonight….on a momentous night for ViewItDoIt when I am LIVE streaming Chase Rice from the Waterside District….I sit back and smile feeling that I am connected to all the wonderful people I hold dear.  As you watch our LIVE feed, I feel as though I am sitting right there with you too.  Thank you all for all your love and support.  I am so blessed to know each and every one of you and I look forward to all the people I will meet in the future.  Happy Mother’s Day!