Virtual Tour of The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

Here it is! This afternoons virtual tour of The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium! Enjoy looking around! There’s nothing like a day at The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium! The amazing aerial forest park features climbing and zip lining through majestic trees near the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center’s Marsh Pavilion.

Take to the treetops on 15 trails that weave between tree platforms on the 6-acre site. Trails are marked by the degree of challenge they provide, offering adventures for ages 5 through adult. Explore the park on your own or make memories with your family and friends. This is the perfect outdoor activity for birthday parties, scout groups, school field trips, and corporate events or team building programs. Ages five to adult are welcome!

Now you can take a trip from your sofa via our virtual tour!!! Click the link below to hang out in the trees!

Why Use Professional Broadcasters for Your Content

Just like having a phone with a camera doesn’t make you a photographer, having a phone with a video camera doesn’t make you a videographer. Just because someone has the latest and greatest phone that does “4K” video, it doesn’t mean that their video will look like professional video. While video from a top of the line phone that is recorded under the best conditions may look ok, there are many times where phone video can look bad. Also, there are many things that go into producing a professional video besides just the video capture device.

Our videos at View It Do It  will almost always look better than one that someone records with their phone because we are professionals and use professional equipment.

While someone’s phone video may look ok outside in bright light, look at their video indoors, or in a situation where there are wide differences in lighting, or where the light is behind someone, or in situations where the light may be poor. There are many, many situations where video recorded from a phone will not look good.
Also, the audio that is recorded when using your phone is usually of very low quality. We use professional microphones for our productions, which is why it is so clear when streamed live and recorded.

Part of the reason that phone video looks bad in low light situations is that the sensors are absolutely TINY. The sensors in our cameras are massive in comparison. Our sensors are over 16 times larger than the sensor in an iPhone 7.
That means that our video will look better than from a phone when the light gets a little low and we will have more pleasing images with smooth bokeh. The lenses that we use are likely hundreds of times larger than those inside most phones.

This is a great area to highlight, but there are many, many reasons why professionally produced video will look better than what someone can record with their phone.

DID YOU KNOW: 1 in Every 5 Facebook Videos is a Live Broadcast. Facebook users aren’t just consuming live content. They’re also creating it… All of our LIVE Stream videos are broadcast across many online platforms in high-definition. Our live footage will always look better than that achieved by your phone… Stand out from the crowd with high quality video streaming with ViewItDoIt.

ViewItDoIt High Definition Videography

Excerpt by Mark Lane,
View It Do It

Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament- Fishing Competition Highlights

The Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament was held a few weekends back, and we were there to capture all the fun. Vanessa was on site live streaming it all weekend long. It was a truly spectacular event and we had fun seeing some HUGE fish being brought in.

If you haven’t seen us in action, here is a gorgeous shot by Michael Dragon from Dragon Studio capturing Vanessa in action. Simple setup, no satellite trucks, minimal space required and live high definition streaming to the world!

You can check out the action from this year’s Tournament via the link below. We had a ball streaming the tournament and look forward to joining you again next year in 2018!

VIRTUAL TOUR- The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

There’s nothing like a day at The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium! The amazing aerial forest park features climbing and zip lining through majestic trees near the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center’s Marsh Pavilion.  You can take to the treetops on 15 trails that weave between tree platforms on the 6-acre site. The trails are marked by the degree of challenge they provide, offering adventures for ages 5 through adult. Explore the park on your own or make memories with your family and friends.

Now you can explore the park virtually! We spent the day and some of this evening capturing the Adventure Park at Virginia Aquariums NEW virtual tour! To check it out, follow this link!

Thank you to the team for allowing us the opportunity to spend time with you all today! We’ve had a ball!


-Vanessa and Mark
View It Do It

LIVE with Tidewater and Tulle!

Join us tomorrow as we live stream Ruth’s Chris Steak House Virginia Beach and Tidewater and Tulle ONLINE from the Town Center of Virginia Beach. It is a live broadcast that you can watch on your computer or your phone as you see the inside of this hidden venue gem for receptions and special occasions. While we are there you will also get an exclusive live cooking demo by their talented chefs.

Watch LIVE online at 10:00am EST, July 18th 2017 or view the recorded version afterwards at

Then mark your calendar for the BIG event on August 12th, as the Coastal Virginia wedding industry take over Town Center at our first annual “Love It Up: A Wedding Event Experience,” in partnership with Tidewater and Tulle.
For more information, visit:


Your blog is not cutting it anymore

Your blog is not cutting it anymore.

These words are, we realize, odd since they are written in a blog post.

It’s not just your blog that’s not going to cut it anymore as a source of customer attraction or as a sales tool.  It’s anybody’s blog.

Your social media posts alone are still going to drive customers to you, but they cannot be your sole source of marketing.  Neither is the long form business content on your website. Simply put, words alone are not going cut it.  By cut it, we mean that the written word alone is not going to drive sales and repeated visits to your website, social media page, or business anymore.

According to a 2016 study by Hubspot, only 29% of people surveyed indicated that they would pay attention to blog posts, while 43% said they would skim or ignore it.  Same for business content – those wordy explanations of what your business does?  Only 32% of people visiting your site will stop to read it, and 41% are going to skim for the big details.  Obviously, not a great way to bring back repeated traffic to your site, or get your brand message across.

Your online presence is more important than ever before.  It’s not just the advent of a tech-savvy generation who grew up using computers since birth – although that is true – but it’s also because everything is online.  You can pay your bills, order groceries, buy pretty much anything you want, or hire one of about a thousand different providers for the service you need.  It’s that last point that should motivate any business owner to really care about their online content.

A thousand different providers.

If you have a service, chances are, there’s someone else out there who does it – and even if you’re the best one for the job, if your landing page is not a place that potential customers want to land, then you may not be the one to get the job.  More and more, people want to see fresh, updated content.  Words and gimmicky gifs were fine in the early 2000’s, when everybody had their own piece of the “World Wide Web” hosted on a free web server, but if you’re in business in 2017, you have to distinguish yourself with the content that people want.  According to a 2016 survey, 45% of people surveyed in North America picked video content as the type they wanted to see more of in the future, while only 27% chose blog posts.  A staggering 45% of the same folks surveyed said they watch an hour of Facebook videos or Youtube every day.  5 hours a week.  365 hours (roughly the equivalent of 15 days worth of online video watching.  Why can’t your videos be part of that 15 days?

So that’s settled.  We need video content, and more of it.  It’s going to catch your visitors’ attention, keep them engaged, and not only that, it’s what they actually want to see.  Now how do you give them the video content that they want?

Your video should be the right length: long enough to convey your message, but not so long that your viewers lose interest.  According to a study done by Microsoft and reported in Time Magazine online (2015) average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to only 8 seconds since the year 2000.  It should probably be ad-free, because why would you want to make your customers sit through an advertisement for another business?  It should engage your page visitors and make them want to stay on your page to look for more.  And it should be your own, unique to you and to your business.

Do you have an event coming up?  Can you demo your service? If you’re a party planner, what better way to advertise your business than a live-streamed video of the party you helped to orchestrate?  If you’re a baker, what better attractor to potential customers than a video of you pulling piping hot cakes from the oven?  A live video can pull in your future customers, and immerse them in the sights, sounds, smells, and full experience of what you have to offer.   For past customers, that video reminder of the excellent service you provided them will invoke fond memories and turn them into repeat customers.

Now we get to the big question: how?  How do you get the video content you want if you don’t happen to be a trained video producer?

This is exactly why we are in business as ViewItDoIt – we love to bring people the video content that they want or need.  Not only can our trained professionals provide live video streaming from anywhere in the world (you read that right – anywhere!  Ask us – we’ve tested it!) but we can capture your moments so that you have a variety of film to choose from to use later on your customer landing pages.

Contact us to optimize your landing pages for customer interest, repeat viewing, and maximum sales!


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The CoVa BOB Awards 2017

The CoVa BOB Awards are the CoVa Biz Magazine awards program that celebrate the best Coastal Virginia companies in numerous business-to-business categories.
The BOB’s are the public’s chance to tell the CoVa Biz readers and the rest of Coastal Virginia which companies have the best products and services for businesses.

Voting for the Bob Awards has come to a close, and with over 18,000 public votes, the results are IN!!!

Thank you for voting us “Gold” for “Commercial Videographer” We are thrilled and humbled by the award and look forward to providing exceptional service to the coastal Virginia community in the coming years!

Thank you again from all the team here at
View It Do It.




Norfolk’s premier dining and entertainment district is a central place where you can hang out, dine, and relax with your whole family. Waterside District features the best of national, regional, and local restaurants and offers live music, festivals and more. Located in the heart of the central business district and adjacent to the City of Norfolk’s world-class waterfront and festival site, Waterside District is a central gathering place for local residents and visitors.

ViewItDoIt was invited to live stream Waterside District’s grand opening and live streamed their event to a global audience – not just to the locals that could attend.

We are proud to share the highlights from the event!

For more information about what we do and how we can stream your next event live, go to