Why Use Professional Broadcasters for Your Content

Just like having a phone with a camera doesn’t make you a photographer, having a phone with a video camera doesn’t make you a videographer. Just because someone has the latest and greatest phone that does “4K” video, it doesn’t mean that their video will look like professional video. While video from a top of the line phone that is recorded under the best conditions may look ok, there are many times where phone video can look bad. Also, there are many things that go into producing a professional video besides just the video capture device.

Our videos at View It Do It  will almost always look better than one that someone records with their phone because we are professionals and use professional equipment.

While someone’s phone video may look ok outside in bright light, look at their video indoors, or in a situation where there are wide differences in lighting, or where the light is behind someone, or in situations where the light may be poor. There are many, many situations where video recorded from a phone will not look good.
Also, the audio that is recorded when using your phone is usually of very low quality. We use professional microphones for our productions, which is why it is so clear when streamed live and recorded.

Part of the reason that phone video looks bad in low light situations is that the sensors are absolutely TINY. The sensors in our cameras are massive in comparison. Our sensors are over 16 times larger than the sensor in an iPhone 7.
That means that our video will look better than from a phone when the light gets a little low and we will have more pleasing images with smooth bokeh. The lenses that we use are likely hundreds of times larger than those inside most phones.

This is a great area to highlight, but there are many, many reasons why professionally produced video will look better than what someone can record with their phone.

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Excerpt by Mark Lane,
View It Do It