The Barking Dog at Riverview- Kitchen Ambush #3

An audacious idea… An encased meat paradise… Hot dogs, hamburgers, craft beer and a simple philosophy…exceed expectations and embrace community. A rustic gathering spot for all walks of life. Meet week three’s restaurant for Kitchen Ambush, The Barking Dog at Riverview! They were ambushed this week with locally made product Ames Hot Southern Honey  which is a unique blend of southern honey and red chilies!

Wasserhund Brewing Company- Kitchen Ambush #2

Wasserhund Brewing Company, meaning “water dog” in German, was born from a love of the beach, dogs, and German beer. We aspire to bring the German beer culture to Virginia Beach in the best way… by brewing the highest quality ales and lagers and providing the environment to enjoy them with family, friends, and just good company.

We also match our beer with artisan pizza made to order in our brick oven. Or you can order beer sausages and add some sauerkraut for a real German experience.

Call it whatever you want… we call it German style brewing with a Beach kick and it’s this reason they are the next restaurant for week two of #Kitchen Ambush! What is Kitchen Ambush? Two businesses (ViewItDoIt and Kitchen Ink Food) coming together, forging a new venture. And this week we ambushed Wasserhund Brewing Company with locally made product Speedy’s Hot Sauce Bloody Mary Mix.