Penndulum Fine Meats- Kitchen Ambush #1

Did you know that ViewItDoit has teamed up with Kitchen Ink Food for KitchenAmbush? Episode 1 aired August 3rd with the locally owned restaurant Penndulum Fine Meats. Have you stopped in lately?

Greeted by the infectious smiles and welcoming demeanor of owners Dana and Dylan Wakefield, you’ll step up, lean in, feel the cool of the glass on your skin while Dana queries you on your tastes. The questions are subtle, friendly, thoughtful and cheery. You don’t need to worry about not recognizing the names of heirloom cuts, Dana is already sorting your answers and matching you with a cut and a cooking technique that will squarely place every other steak you’ve ever tasted at very distant second place. Small but lovely details like a container of homemade tallow or fresh seasonings often make their way into your bag. The Wakefields put the same care into your meal as they do their own.

The shop feels like a family kitchen, bubbling over with laughter and love. The staff moves effortlessly around each other, conversations punctuated by bursts of laughter and shouts across the room.

This is more than a butcher shop. This is a place where people can come to get educated. You can ask about the farmers, and how the animals were raised, what they ate. Dylan and Dana have visited and continue to visit every one. Hang around the store and you can see that next level culinary knife skills at work with great care applied to match demand and how they intend to use the meat. You can watch sausage being made by hand, sandwich meats sliced in front of you. You can see that nothing goes to waste, from beef bones for stock to tallow candles to roasted skins for pets. Connecting with the farmers and farms, bringing back heirloom butchering techniques that all but disappeared in the age of factory farming, paying a fair price to allow for a sustainable life cycle is the key to Pendulum’s philosophy.

During this first ambush, Pendulum meats used locally produced product Pennacook Peppers Porch Party Pepper Jelly– this pepper jelly is all the rave and has customers clamoring for more. What better mix of fine meats and jelly to kick off Kitchen Ambush Episode 1!

Who are we? What do we do? Part 1

A Husband and Wife Team

Have you ever gone to a networking event? Do you get asked, “what do you do?” It seems to be a common question. People seem to want to know who you are, what you do, and how you got to that position.

Mark Lane - CTO - Tech Guru
Meet Mark Lane. ViewItDoIt’s CTO and lead programmer. He constantly pushes the envelope and strives to innovate!

So who/what is ViewItDoIt and the people behind the name? ViewItDoIt is a husband and wife livestreaming business. Yes…..we do almost all things LIVE! My husband is our lead programmer. Him and his team innovate new LIVE technology. He loves computers, cameras, cars, and more, and most days can be found behind his 3, yes 3, computer monitors. He is the love of my life and I love working side by side with him on a daily basis. I smile getting to see his face light up as he pushes out new lines of “code” and new features for our cameras. I am proud to be his wife, and I am so thankful to walk through this life with him.

Vanessa Lane - CEO
Meet Vanessa Lane – CEO. Artistic to the core!

Whereas he is knee deep in everything tech related, I focus on the marketing and sales side of things. I frequent networking environments and truly focus on giving back to the community. I am artistic by nature and express my creativity with the color of my hair (be it purple, or pink, or bright red)… 🙂 I love working individually with each client to utilize and specialize our technology for each event. Since every client is unique, we believe every event should be tailored to meet the needs of the client. I am passionate about meeting new people, businesses, and paying it forward. I am honored to say that I have met many amazing men, women, and businesses throughout the years and I look forward to all the people and businesses I will meet in the future.

The ViewItDoIt Team
A husband and wife team – devoted to their company, devoted to their clients, devoted to each other.

So this is us. A tech guru and and an artistic marketing specialist. Coming together to push the envelope of technology today. Wanting to share your event with the world, one day….one event… moment at a time. Loving life! Yearning to learn! Ecstatic to meet new people!

More to come……






Cornhole for the Cure Tidewater Challenge

Did you make it to the 2017 Corn Hole for the Cure Tidewater Challenge? 100% of the net proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen Tidewater organization! The Susan G. Komen® is a national website,, that offers comprehensive information about breast cancer risk factors, early detection and screening, diagnosis and treatment. Developed in conjunction with the Harvard School of Public Health, the site offers a one-stop resource for all the latest information on the disease.
Check out this highlight reel and join us in 2018 to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer.

Astro Golf Tournament 2017

Enjoy these highlights to the 2017 Astro Golf Tournament. This fantastic event helped raise money for Special Olympics Virginia. Thank you to Special Olympics Virginia and Astro Entertainment for all they do for so many!

Love It Up Town Center – West Elm Highlight Reel

West Elm teamed up with Tidewater and Tulle To give you the scoop on bridal registry essentials for your first home together as a married couple. West Elm modern home decor and modern furniture store in Virginia Beach, VA is where you can find the bedding, furniture, room decor, and dinnerware you need to create a stylish contemporary home. You can even learn more about their complementary design services offered by their in store experts!

West Elm have a really cool story too- If you didnt know, West Elm was born in Brooklyn in 2002. A branch of Williams–Sonoma, Inc, we’re focused on the intersection of modern design, affordability and community. Everything we sell—from sofas and tables to bedding and vases—is made with one goal in mind: to help our customers express their personal style at home and in the world.

We care about impact too. By designing over 90% of our products in–house, our design team has steadily increased our selection of organic, handcrafted, sustain-ably sourced and Fair Trade Certified™ products. There’s a story behind everything we sell—one that starts in Brooklyn and lives on with you.

Did you miss it the live event? Here are the highlights!

Love It Up Town Center – Bluemercury Highlight Reel

What a beautiful store Bluemercury Virginia Beach have!!! Did you catch the live stream with Tidewater and Tulle as they invited Hampton Roads’ brides-to-be and their besties to an evening of product demonstrations and complimentary services?
Their evening included signature M-61 facials, hand scrubs, and a lotion bar sample.Tidewater and Tulle uncovered Bluemercury’s top treatments and bridal beauty suggestions to get their brides ready for the BIG I-DO and honeymoon!

Thanks so much for having us!

Love It Up Town Center- Mens Warehouse

For over 40 years Mens Warehouse have been helping men like the way they look. They make good on that promise thanks to the world class customer service delivered each and every day by our dedicated employees. The Men’s Warehouse Virginia Beach, holds your satisfaction as the highest priority.

Their professional tailors use the finest materials and equipment at every Men’s Warehouse location. Thanks to Chelsea from Tidewater and Tulle for hosting this live broadcast and helped us all get to know trendy options available to grooms and all others looking for modern attire for their wedding days!

Here are the highlight’s from the event!