ViewItDoIt and 2017!

Grandmother Watching Wedding From Home
Sometimes a loved one can’t make a wedding. With ViewItDoIt, you can invite guests from around the world. Photo by Dragon Studio.

2017 is just around the corner and I find myself sitting here at my desk, wondering what lies ahead.  Change is hard.  New is different, but not always good.  How do you go forward?  How do you push through the unknown, wanting to make a difference, but not knowing where life is going to take you?  How do you take a risk when you have small mouths to feed?  Who look at you with that constant glimmer of hope and unending love?

But this is exactly how we felt over a decade ago when my husband started LIVE streaming destination vacation locations.  It was new, different, and not common.  Businesses didn’t always understand it.  People didn’t always want it.  And just when it finally started to get noticed, my husband and I decided to go a new direction with our LIVE streaming technology and make it portable and controllable for events and weddings!

Bride Longing For Family and Friends.
Live streaming allows you to invite more guests than your venue can hold! Photo by Dragon Studio.

The unknown and different happened once more.  But this time, we had a reason.  We had a drive as to why we wanted to LIVE stream weddings and events.  When we got married over a decade ago, most of my husband’s family couldn’t attend.  They all lived in a different state, and it was too expensive to fly them all out.  I remember the heartbreak of not having most of my husband’s family present while cutting the cake.  I remember the feeling that someone was missing at our first dance.  I remember the extra silence during the toasts.

So my husband and I want to make a difference.  We want to change the way that people interact with events.  People from around the world should be able to see you walk down the isle, or join you at a wine festival, or follow you through a 5k.  Your event shouldn’t be hindered by a power supply or an Internet connection.  You shouldn’t feel like you are watching what someone else is shooting.   You should have the freedom to use our cameras from your computer or mobile device and zoom in on a cake cutting, or watch the opening speaker at a national convention, or donate to a LIVE auction.

LIVE technology is new, yes.  But my husband and I want to make it different.  We want to make it social.  You should feel like you are there.  Even though you missed the event, you still have the front row seat.

So yes, my husband and I willingly take this leap of faith with our company not for us, but for the world.  I know what it is like to wish someone could be there.  I know the void that feels the air.  But for 2017, ViewItDoIt is striving to change the way LIVE technology is used.  We want to Stream Your Big Day LIVE, whether a wedding, convention, 5k run, and more.  We want to invite the world to your event.  Your day and your guests are special.

So hold on 2017.  Who knows what lies ahead, but for ViewItDoit, we can’t wait to walk it hand in hand with you.